BGA and Surface Mount Heatsinks

Thermal Solutions International, Inc. also specializes in low power surface mount and BGA (Ball Grid Array) Heatsinks. TSI offers a wide range of board level heat sinks for IC (Integrated Circuit) packages such as BGA and DIP packages and discrete power semiconductor packages. We carry heatsinks for the following JEDEC outlines…

  • TO-202
  • TO-218
  • TO-220
  • TO-247
  • TO-262
  • TO-263

These heatsinks are offered in either stamped or extruded aluminum form and can be plated to any surface finish required. See our plating page for a complete list of our plating finishes. We also carry various attachment methods including clips and double sided thermally conductive tapes and can integrate them for you prior to shipment. Please contact us with any questions or any custom heatsinks designs you may have.