DC/DC Converter Heatsinks

Thermal Solutions International, Inc. manufactures a wide array of DC/DC Converter Heatsinks. Our DC/DC Converter Heatsinks are optimized to effectively dissipate heat and increase converter reliability in a varied range of environments. Available in a variety of size, height and pin shape combinations, these heatsinks are cost-effective, high efficiency thermal solutions for a wide selection of dc/dc power modules.

Our DC/DC Converter Heatsinks are configured to fit Quarter-brick, Half-brick and Full-brick converters from most manufacturers and offered in both Round Pin and Conventional Fin configurations. Our variety of normal height, low-profile, and high aspect ratio designs are manufactured to meet various volume, power and density requirements. Countersunk machined through-holes ensure easy installation and improved contact areas for optimum heat transfer.

Please feel free to inquire about various different sizes, pin configurations, and custom heatsink designs. We can help bring your products to market faster by offering reduced lead times and superior customer service.